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So rude that you would bring this up & just throw in my face like that. It’s only been a week.

I love these people. Notice two things. 1. My boys have matching shirts on. Might be the last time ever. 2. They are champs & were at the church before 7 am!! (at The Austin Stone)

We really love all of these people. (at Jester King Brewery)

Happy Birthday Devin!! We are beyond thankful for these two in our lives.

Enjoying a little one on one time with my Deacon! When you have four kids even a quick trip for new shoes counts as quality one on one time!!

Our lunch omelette is brought to you by Amos!! I love how my kids love to cook with their dad!

Thankful for neighborhood friends that put on a Passover meal for us. 6 adults + 10 kids = craziness. But it was beautiful to see what all went down at the Passover with Jesus. So thankful that our Messiah has come.

Yes you are seeing that right. A man in the back of a truck holding a piano down. Good gracious people.

#tbt on the blog today! Cayden’s first day of kinder & the special bracelet I made him! #tbtstories

Deacon put on Cayden’s old glasses & they declared themselves twins!