Jamie Ivey

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Today we sent the boys off around Town Lake with a map as we walked behind. They only got lost once & had a blast! #brotherssticktogether #austintx #townlake

One of the sweetest moments ever. My friend @meghanmccamant loves Story & always takes her to visit her grandparents. They of course fell in love with Story too & they made her this special desk. She’s in love with this & my momma heart is swelling. When someone loves your kids well it means the world to you! What a joy to see these sweet grandparents bless our family with this gift!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom! You have continuously loved me & encouraged me even when I was running from it all. You are an amazing Nana & my kids are blessed to have you in their life!

Mother’s Day brunch with this one!

The table is set. The food is cooking. Now just waiting for the friends to arrive & the conversations to begin.

Thankful for @kwussow post on my blog today - #bringbackourgirls - she gives us 2 very practical ways we can help this crisis.

This precious one brought me a flower last night for my birthday! Love her!!

Our jam on the way to school today.

The end to a perfect day yesterday was celebrating with my girls. These are my people & they love me well!